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I'm Haneen, an English Language and Literature graduate from Leeds University, and I have always had a passion for words.  As a British/American/Palestinian who has lived in the UK, Middle East and the UAE,  it is fair to say that I've acquired the spirit of adaptability and an appreciation for a variety of cultures and the Arabic language. 

I received an Edexcel Achievement Award for my outstanding GCSE grades, particularly in English and was considered amongst the top ten achievers in the UAE.  I was also nominated for the Learning Champion Award during my time at Leeds University and writing mentor for my faculty. I then went onto completing a diploma in Writing Stories for Children and have been teaching English to refugees whilst also offering my editorial and proofreading services to UG and PG students. My experience includes ghostwriting for Amazon's publishing team, Content editing for EAP, writing for the Gryphon Student Newsletter and the recruitment firm, Druthers Search. Currently, I am working with clients on a global scale, and only hope to expand without compromising on the quality of my work.

In my spare time, I'm either recipe developing, doing yoga, sketching, or globetrotting. I'm also a spa lover, filmophile and melomaniac.

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