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"Thanks to Articulately, I love writing and Macbeth now. I also received many useful exam tips which helped me outperform my peers! I can't recommend them enough!"





Ryan Anderson

Year 12 Student

"I always struggled with English, but after Haneen offered me her support I levelled up my performance in school considerably! I started achieving only B's and A's, and this was a massive improvement to my level before. Her personable, friendly yet professional teaching style helped me improve on my grammar and construct better sentences, the way examiners expect. Her feedback was always on point and detailed, yet easy to digest. I will definitely be coming back for more help!"





Sepehr Shamloo

Year 10 Student

"I was impressed with Haneen's wonderful writing skills, which she demonstrated in excellent blog posts and marketing material. Haneen would be an asset for any position requiring excellent writing ability and a creative mind, and I wish her all the best in her future endeavours."

Kiri O'Brien

Co-Founder and Director at Druthers Search

"I was very happy with Haneen's service in proofreading my undergraduate dissertation. Her response was quick and efficient, and the feedback was extremely helpful, especially regarding how to clarify certain points that a non-specialist reader might not immediately understand. I feel the overall quality of the work was greatly strengthened as a result of her input."

Emily Owen

MRes Student in English Language



"We are so grateful to Haneen at Articulately for all the work she put into helping our daughter pass her 11+ entrance exams with flying colours! I initially had reservations about outsourcing tutoring for my child to an online platform, but Haneen proved to me that remote learning is just as beneficial. Haneen tailored the lessons to suit my daughter, made sure she understood what she was learning, what she needed to work on further and had put measures in place to make sure learning had been retained! I would recommend Articulately highly to all parents! Thank you so much Haneen!"

Shireen Nawaz



"Before meeting Haneen, I did not have this level of appreciation to the subject. She has managed to simplify the most complex concepts and my weekly readings have been ever so enjoyable, so much so, I am waiting eagerly every week to read with her. I cannot recommend her enough." 

Jodie Aabed 

Year 8 Student 

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