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The 7 Types of Power Words That Have Proven to Increase Conversion

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Power words will make you a Kung Fu Master of copy. Sprinkle in some power words, and turn your dull, lifeless piece into copy that compels readers to take action.

And the best part?

You can use them anywhere.

So what are the types of words I need to use in my copy the next time I’m writing?

Without further a-do, here are the “emotional” words you want to start thinking about using in your copy.

  1. Fear Power Words

  2. Encouragement Power Words

  3. Lust Power Words

  4. Anger Power Words

  5. Greed Power Words

  6. Safety Power Words

  7. Forbidden Power Words

1. Fear Power Words

As the pandemic sweeps the globe, and people take to their homes it makes sense that the majority of the conversations are going online. People are using the internet to air their anxiety and share “information.” A time where people just need to visit the WHO to verify facts about the corona virus.

Brandwatch, a social media analytics company found that sentiments around the corona virus has been unsurprisingly most negative and more people than ever have been turning to the helpline!

Reported symptoms are similar to PTSD, and only worse, as this outbreak has threatened people’s economic, political, social and physical wellbeing.

The “fear” words the media are using crank up emotions and keeps people alert.

In fact, of all the emotions, fear is the most powerful feeling for grabbing and keeping an audience’s attention.

News outlets don’t want you changing the channel, so they load all the fear words they can think of, so you’re not missing any information.

Writers do not use these words enough to grab their audience’s attention.

So the next time you want to trigger fear in your readers, use these kinds of words:

- Beware

- Caution

- Catastrophe

- Crazy

- Cripple

- Hazardous

- Looming

- Worry

- Shatter

- Plunge

- Menacing

- Meltdown

- Bloodcurdling

2. Encouragement power words

Like a mentor, your words need to inspire and motivate people. Most readers are either tired, bored or depressed.

Your words can be their outlet, so make it count.

You need add spice to your language, by adding encouraging words like:

- Awe inspiring

- Amazing

- Mind blowing

- Remarkable

- Master

3. Lust Power Words

Words can lure readers in, it’s what words you choose to tempt readers to keep your page open. It’s not just in magazine’s but for headings in your mail lists too.

- Tantalising

- Untamed

- Lush

- Sneak-peek!

- Alluring

- Urge

- Thrilling

- Tempting

- X-rated

4. Anger Power Words

As writers, our job is to sometimes anger readers.

The problem is people are apathetic and it takes a host of angry words to trigger the "fan to the flames."

- Ravage

- Horrid

- Snob

- Useless

- Rampant

- Savage

- Thug

- Annoy

5. Greed Power Word

Everyone is either interested in making or saving money and it is the word that people are looking out for. We’re all “greedy” at heart, searching for more.

Using alliteration is just an added bonus that will hook your readers!

By adding more “Greed” Words, you’ll be keeping your readers curious and eager to learn more. See examples below:

- Sales end soon

- Moneymaking

- High paying

- Amplify

- Boost

- Super-human

- Legendary

6. Safety Power Words

We’re all cynical at heart and understandably so, with scam and fraudulent opportunities all around us. We can’t trust any sales pitch or advertisement without trusted reviews, seeing the appropriate credentials or hearing those buzz words like:

  • Money-back

  • Results

  • Refund

  • Proven

  • Risk-free

  • Tested

  • Lifetime

  • No strings attached

  • Science backed

So make sure you’re not missing out on those words if you want to forge a long standing, trusting relationship between you and the reader.

7. Forbidden power words

Want to build curiosity?

Say you have a secret, and see how everyone will be all ears – almost instantly.

We’re all keen to discover those hidden truths, and love a little sherlock role playing from now and then.

After all, there is too much information that is withheld, and we’re always trying to uncover that which isn’t made transparent to the public. (The game of politics summed up for you!)

· Spoiler

· Exotic

· Controversial

· Uncensored

· Hush-hush

· Unspoken

· Off limits

· Withheld

Your turn.

What are some the power words I’ve missed and have worked for you?

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