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Why do you need an editor for your theses?

Updated: May 10, 2020

It is a publisher's duty to tell an author what he thinks, but it is entirely up to the author to reject such criticism if he wishes.

"After all, this editing business is comparatively new, and it is only applicable to prose … Imagine a music publisher 'editing' a composer's work! Or an art dealer insisting on an artist modifying a painting! … If I were an author I would sooner (or very nearly) starve than let anyone hack my book about."

Most people are not open to critique, nor do they opt for a coach, teacher, advisor or consultant, thus hampering their opportunity for genuine growth.

Alas, in the case of writing, there is a prevalent fear from writers towards editors or, a secret despise against them. Like who is this intruder who so happens to be also critiquing my work?

If you’re currently writing your theses, or even compiling any piece of prose, here are a few reasons why you NEED an editor sooner than you may’ve thought:

· We all have our own biases and subjectivities, however proficient we may become in our specialism. An outsider can look at a prose like a blank canvas, offering nuanced feedback, whilst falsifying any unequivocal assumptions or generalisations that are being made!

· An editor helps offer a sophisticated flair to one’s writing by making the readability better or simply rephrasing any disjointed words or phrases. And yes – we all want that flair!

· An editor will maintain the voice whilst fine tuning the rough edges in the writing. This could include improving any awkward or non-grammatical phrases or generally simplifying and economizing the language choice.

· We all need that in our lives! That minimalist punter, who shops smartly! They ask the question of: do we really need this item, or in this case word? Or are we keeping it because it ‘sounds’ or ‘looks nice’?

. Whilst you’re already worked up with your writing, the last thing you want to do is ‘distance’ yourself. After all, writers are intimately involved with their piece like it’s their own baby. They only see what they are thinking, and one’s thinking is not always the most accurate.

Most people who are confident with calling themselves a writer, know they need an editor since the pen is the tongue of the mind, and the human mind is innately limited and biased. The same way a manager of a corporate firm needs a consultant, secretary, advisor and janitor. Your janitor will pick up your trash and your consultant will advise you on the specificities of certain matters. Likewise, a competent editor will find your elusive gaps and offer well-structured and constructive feedback, whilst ensuring your writing is more polished and informative.

At Articulately, we remove the superficialities, eliminate the biases and improve the readability, so your writing is purposeful, relevant and sleek. So, what are you waiting for? If you have any written prose which you think can do with some expert advice, get in touch today and email us on!

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